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Low prices just got cheaper with Shopconnect, we want you to buy more for less and we are committed to bringing you the best price possible to help satisfy your needs.


: Feel free to use our one of a kind shipping cost calculator to get estimated fees on shipping cost and customs duty charges even before you make purchase.


We will ship anything that the cargo aircraft can carry, suit all your personal needs, no item is too small no item is too cheap, how expensive your purchase are is all up to you, all items are insured and secured.


We are happy to facilitate all business great or small, start up or established, if your business depend on fast and accurate service then we are right for you, we want to help you to acheive your dream by providing you with the medium to grow your business unparallel to none.


Don’t own a credit card but have ready cash to make purchase? use ours. a fee of $2.00 usd will be applied for service chargies.


Once your package is received by our Miami team you will get an update stating “received at shopconnect”, when the package reaches Kingston Jamaica you will receive another update stating “arrived at NMIA” (NORMAN MANLEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT). A final update will be sent with your invoice total and the status that your package is “ready to be collected”.


Here at Shopconnect our courteous and friendly staff are ready and willing to assist you, we are here to serve you and help you to resolve any issue or situation to help get you to a point where your satistfactions are met.


Our aim is to clear packages as efficiently as possible providing that all the required documents are provided to Shopconnect before the arrival of the cargo to NMIA. Packages without an invoice will be valued by customs and cleared. packages that are personal with invoice value exceeding $50 USD will be grouped and charged duty to facilitate a speedy clearance process, all due charges will be applied respectfully to its individual package, however you can make a request when your package arrives in Miami to have your package processed individually in asycuda, all commercial package will be processed separately in asycuda.you can visit www.jacustoms.gov.jm for all referral. Cargo is usually scheduled to arrive early Monday mornings and we aim to clear customs same day and late Thursday evenings which will be cleared on Fridays. we are looking at other options to facilitate you better.

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Rates & Service Charges

PLEASE NOTE: Any fraction that is over a pound will be automatically rounded up to the next pound.

Processing fees

Processing fee is $1.50 and $0.30cents for gct per package with the invoice total not exeeding $50 usd, processing $5.50 and gct 0.90cent for package with the invoice over $50 usd, packages fifty (50) pounds and over will be charged $10 usd for handling and processing. items such as tv’s or monitors etc. that needs proper cussioning to prevent damage will be $35 usd for the foam or material used.

all prices are quoted in .U.S Currency

Please note: Customer need make them selfs familiar with customs duty charges.
for all references www.jacustoms.gov.jm