How It Works

  1. Sign Up Online Sign up for your free personal shopconnect account.
  2. Login to get your mailbox number and U.S mailing address.
  3. Purchase from your favorite shopping websites or give families and friends your name, mailbox number and the Miami address to send packages to you.
  4. Your package will be forward from the supplier to our Miami facilility.
  5. Shopconnect will send you an email that we recieved you package(s).
  6. Your package will then be processed and prepared for shipment to the Norman Manley International Airport.
  7. You are required to upload an authentic invoice provided to you by your supplier to your package profile or email to us once you recieve confirmation that we recieved your package.
  8. Shopconnect will send you an email update to let you know when your package reaches the Norman Manley International Airport.
  9. Your package along with your invoice will then be presented to customs for inspection, inspection entales:
    • will check your package for banned items/substances or if your package requires a permit.
    • your package will be checked to see if the value is less or greater than fifty (50) U.S.D
    • packages that are less than fifty dollars U.S in value will be released, packages that are greater than fifty U.S dollars will be charged customs duty and then released.
    • to speed the process invoices will be grouped and charged, then the due cost will be applied to each dutiable package(s), if you require individual customs document thats shows customs charges you can request it for a specific package or all your shipments.
  10. Shopconnect will send you an update of the cost of your package and also a notification that it is “ready for pickup”, delivery options are available from trusted third party services at a small fee.