About us,

Shopconnect is a freight forwarding Service Company based in Jamaica to facilitate the needs of online shoppers both personal and business. Once signed up you gain access through your free account to the world of online shopping right at the tip of your finger. You will be able to send items (that other countries don’t ship directly to Jamaica) to our Miami facility where we will process and provide you with updates of your package(s) every move up to the point of placing it in your care. Use our shipping calculator to estimate the shipping cost as well as the customs duty charges. We do not consolidate packages, we process them in the order they are delivered to us by your supplier. We care about your packages therefore items that are delivered to our Miami facility that are not properly secured from damaged (such as TV’s, monitors etc.) will be cushioned at a low cost. We will present your package to customs and go through the process of clearing it so we can deliver it to you. We have carefully study the market and came up with low competitive prices and suiting all your needs in giving you a very reliable service as well as the satisfaction of knowing your packages are in great hands. Satisfying our customer is our aim by giving you cheaper, faster, efficient and hassle free service. We recognize the need that persons want access to buying items from anywhere they choose around the world, weather it is for low cost, good quality, or just hard to find items you can’t get from your local store.

We appreciate your business thank you for using shopconnect.

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